Tuesday, December 7, 2021


Posted by Elena del Valle on October 11, 2018

2021 podcast guest list in alphabetical order:

Erika Benson, co-owner, Gokce Capital LLC

Erika Benson, co-owner, Gokce Capital LLC, part two

John Dunn, author, Drying Up

Javier Folgar, founder, Toa Waters

Eric Goulder, M.D., founder, Heart Attack Stroke Prevention Center of Central Ohio (HASPC)

Michael Harari, Ph.D., associate professor, Management Programs Department, Florida Atlantic University

Tony Hereau, vice president of Cross-Platform Insights, Nielsen

John Incledon, president, Hisamitsu America

Robert Knight, P.h.D., director, Florida Springs Institute

Karla Legaspy, filmmaker, The Daily War

Jon Lieff, M.D., author, The Secret Language of Cells

Staci Reidinger, president, Reidinger Public Relations

Sofia Tafich, freelance journalist, WhoWhatWhy

2020 podcast guest list in alphabetical order:

Calvin Carter, CEO, Bottle Rocket – part 1

Calvin Carter, CEO, Bottle Rocket – part 2

Susan J. Douglas, author, In Our Prime

Torbjørn Ekelund, author, In Praise of Paths

Gary Dudney, author, The Mindful Runner

Marleny Gomez, realtor, HomeSmart

Zuhair Haleem, Ph.D. student, University of Florida

Bel Hernandez Castillo, CEO, Latin Heat Media

Engelina Jaspers, author, Marketing Flexology

Krista Jenkins, Ph.D., professor of Politics and Government, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Julie Kalabalik-Hoganson, PharmD, director, Pharmacy Practice, Fairleigh Dickinson University

Jenni Lehtimäki, Ph.D., senior researcher, Finnish Environment Institute

Shiva Nag Kompella, Ph.D., post doctoral research associate, University of Manchester

Gaby Lechin, senior vice president, Global Results Communications

Randy Pherson, author, How to Get the Right Diagnosis

Naibe Reynoso, founder, Con Todo Press

Hilary Topper, author, Branding in a Digital World

2019 podcast guests in alphabetical order:

Rana Adib, executive secretary, Ren21

Louis Bezich, author, Crack the Code

Todd Caponi, author, The Transparency Sale

Michele Colopy, program director, Pollinator Stewardship Council

Javier Delgado, founder, PeopleToo LLC

Katherine Eban, author, Bottle of Lies

Tiffany Finck-Haynes, program manager, Friends of the Earth

Lisa Lindsley, capital markets advisor, SumOfUs

Tom McMakin, co-author, How Clients Buy

Shital Mars, CEO, Progressive Care


Podcast guests from 2006 to 2018 are listed here.