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Hispanic Projections

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 17, 2006

Roger Selbert, Ph.D.

Presenter Roger Selbert, Ph.D.

A presentation by Roger Selbert, Ph.D. and discussion with Roger Selbert, Ph.D. and host Elena del Valle about the future trends of the U.S. Latino market. Now there is and a second presentation and discussion with Elena del Valle in which Roger shares updates for 2007-2008.

This product consists of 2 hours (123 minutes) of useful insights and information by a leading Latino market expert. “Hispanic Projections” was recorded in May 2006 and June 2007.

We have direct access to Hispanic market and Hispanic media experts. They have shared some of their secrets and the benefits of years of experience and we will share them with you.

Available for the first time exclusively on! For your convenience you may also purchase these materials on audio CD’s.

What you receive:

Downloadable recordings of a 28-minute presentation “Hispanic Projections” and a 24-minute presentation “Hispanic Projections 2007-2008 Update” by Hispanic market expert Roger Selbert, Ph.D. based on the chapter he authored by the same title in the Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations book; and

Two bonus interviews of Roger Selbert, Ph.D. (2006 interview of 34-minutes and 2007 update of 37 minutes)

Total: 52 minutes of presentation and 71 minutes of interview time.

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Similar presentations are only available by attending national conferences or teleseminars costing hundreds or thousands of dollars. And that was just to listen! Now for a fraction of the cost of one of the teleseminars you can have the presentation to listen to whenever you want and as often as you want.

For a fraction of the cost you can listen to the presentation in the convenience of your office or home anytime you choose and as often as you like. You can listen on your computer or MP3 player over and again. You can rewind and listen to portions of particular interest.

Find out about

• Segments of the Latino market that are growing
• Native born or foreign born Latinos and which groups is driving growth
• Which generation of Latinos has the fastest growth
• Patterns of dispersion and what will happen to them in the future
• Buying power growth in the future
• How Latino market growth compares with other markets in the U.S.
• What drives the rise of Latino economic clout
• Who should target the Latino market
• What is the size of the Hispanic affluent market
• Is it the luxury Latino market growing or shrinking
• Hispanics who earn more than $50,000 and $100,000 annually
• Affluent market segment that is growing faster than the general population
• The number of affluent Hispanics in the U.S.
• How Hispanic fare on issues of business and home ownership
• Which group of Latinos generations more than $40 billion in annual sales
• What percentage of Hispanic have mobile phones
• Hispanic growth projections up to 2050
• Intermarriage rate of Latinos
• How U.S. growth compares to similar countries
• How Latino population growth will benefit the economy
• The Latino market segment that is fueling U.S. growth
• Which Hispanic market segment is growing fastest
• If Latino immigration is peaking or slowing down
• Whether immigration from Mexico is increasing or decreasing
• Whether Latino markets are growing in mega states
• About the four patterns of dispersion among Hispanics
• Latino buying power compared to buying power of other ethnic groups
• Categories Hispanic consumers appear in
• Assimilation versus separatism
• Percentage of third generation Latinos who speak Spanish exclusively
• Impact of Hispanic culture on mainstream America
• Expected future trends
• Much more

Roger Selbert, Ph.D. is one of the best-known and most respected trend experts in the United States. He is a principal of The Growth Strategies Group, editor and publisher of Growth Strategies, and a senior fellow at the La Jolla Institute. As a business futurist, his 20-year track record of economic, social and demographic foresight is unequalled.

Roger holds Masters and Ph.D. degrees in International Relations from the University of Southern California, where he was a Fulbright scholar, Haynes fellow and European Commission grantee. He earned his undergraduate degree in history from Bowdoin College and also attended the University of Copenhagen in Denmark.

If you’re ready to tap into the some of the fastest growing Latino markets, “Hispanic Projections” (Poyeen Publishing, $129.95) presented by Roger Selbert, Ph.D. will get you started. Find out what’s in store in this fast growing market before everybody else does!

How it works: It’s easy! Once you purchase this outstanding presentation only available here, you will receive instructions to download the file in MP3 format.

Still not sure? Listen to an interview with Roger Selbert, Ph.D.