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Posted by Elena del Valle on July 12, 2006

Acceptance of ads is at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to reject an ad for any reason.

Ads are separate from editorial content. If you wish to place an ad within an article we don’t offer that type of ad.

Are you with a nonprofit organization? You may be eligible for free ad space. We offer Public Service Announcement (PSA) ads per the following guidelines:

  1. for US based nonprofit organization – please include link to page that describes your nonprofit status, staff (if you have any) and board members list
  2. of national relevance (though we make exceptions)
  3. in jpg or gif
  4. without flash or sound
  5. landing page in English should be to a nonprofit organization
  6. 120 pixels wide x 250 (or 300) pixels tall
  7. in English

Audiovisual PSAs should be brief (less than 1 minute).

Place an ad (content subject to approval) on  Questions? Email sales

Text Link Ads offer affordability year round. No graphics needed. Just pick the message of your choice and landing page and you are set!

One Year Text Link Ad – Select up to 23 characters (a letter, a space, a punctuation mark are characters) and one hyperlink to the landing page of your choice (subject to approval by on for one year from the date of payment.

Cost one: only $360 ($30 per month)

For you convenience you can pay online via PayPal.

Step One Pay for the ad using the hyperlink below

Step Two After you submit payment using the hyperlink below, send the 26-character ad and hyperlink address by email to .

Please submit copy in regular fonts with standard capitalization. Note: all or partial non standard caps, underline and extra bold are not accepted. Ads are published in black.

Ads will be published within a week (usually much sooner) in our website.

Other ad types

As about our Video Ads.

Job Ads are ads for companies seeking to here new staff and individuals offering their professional services for hire on a permanent or freelance basis.These ads usually appear in the Job Ads Section of the website. Click here to place a Job Ad

Tower ads are vertical in varying size and appear on the side of the website. For example, on the Resources ad at the top right hand corner is a tower ad. Sponsor ads for events are often tower ads.

Banner ads are horizontal and usually appear at the top and within the website. For an example, look at the rotating (different ads pop up when you load the page) ads at the top of the page for Haiku Films, The Home Exchange Guide, etc and some of our products.

Podcast ads are sponsorship or other ads recorded in a podcast program. Podcast programs are announced Mondays and remain on the website, and available via podcast directories like iTunes, Yahoo! and many others. Want to reach a broad audience that’s ahead of the curve? Sponsor a podcast today!

Article ads appear with a specific article.

Regular Eblasts reach our subscribers by email with the content of your choice on the week of your choice (subject to availability – limited to two per month)

Rush Eblasts

Cost depends on the size (or duration when its an audio recording for a podcast) and frequency. For example, if you are promoting an event or limited duration campaign you may want the ad to appear on the home page for 1-3 months.

If yours is a name recognition or brand development promotion you may want it to last longer – 6 months to a year is the recommended time. The longer the duration, the better the price.

If you have a type of ad not listed here ask us and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Ads should be submitted in jpg or gif. For your convenience you may pay online.

Do you have an ad ready?

Thanks for your interest!

To place an ad email your request to sales