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Posted by Elena del Valle on April 22, 2006

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Following are links (in the order in which they were published) to articles written by news makers, communicators, leaders and Hispanic marketing and public relations practitioners with insights and the latest news on business, health, and America’s largest minority. Their perspectives and opinions are their own and do not necessarily reflect those of HispanicMPR or Elena del Valle. Click on any link to read the article.

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Travel in the New Year 2014 Predictions

Budget and save when traveling for business

English as a Competitive Advantage

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Crossing Over the Poverty Line

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The digitally savvy English language Dominant Hispanic

Business Etiquette on Land and in the Air

In 2012, We Can and Must Do Better

The US Hispanic Market, A Viable Acquisition Strategy in a Recovering Economy

1031 exchanges as a commercial real estate investment strategy

Scent Marketing Connects to Hispanics on a Deep Cultural Level

Small businesses can fix economy if Washington lets them

The Potent Power of Press Relations

What You Don’t Know Does Hurt

Build a Profitable Business with a Niche Strategy

Broadband Access for Hispanics: The Great Equalizer?

A book review of Hard Time

With video Building a Brand and Breaking a Stereotype

Don’t Rely on Census Bureau Survey Results to Drive Your Hispanic Targeting

To awake sleeping giants, invite them to play for real

Eight Myths About Green Products and a Secret About the Hispanic Marketplace

Transmedia Storytelling

U.S. Hispanics open to front door marketing

Make the world a better place for you and your family

CSR: A door to social and organizational growth, especially for brands targeting Hispanics

Hispanic business owners are more knowledgeable about financial planning than previous research suggests

Social Video and Webcast Communication

It Takes A Village

PR No Longer a Dirty Word in Corporate Lexicon

What Every Photographer Knows

Making Retirement Planning Household Words for U.S. Hispanics, Latinos

Look how far we’ve come and how far we still have to go

La Guayabera

Transparency – the new consumer demand

Scent communication – no language barriers apply!

My Venezuelan 4th of July

Latino Writers! Four Things to Know About Going Mainstream

Is Your Audience Really Listening?

Unleashing the Financial Purchasing Power of the Growing U.S. Hispanic Population Part Two

Unleashing the Financial Purchasing Power of the Growing U.S. Hispanic Population Part One

Recruiting and Remunerating Spanish Speakers

Hispanic Direct Response TV Apples are Manzanas…

Reshaping Hispanic Marketing through Social Media

Social media news releases offer communicators new resources to build brand, drive traffic

Rules For Effective Spanish Language Press Releases

Accelerate your career in public relations through accreditation

Why counting Latinos in small town USA matters

Latinos homeowners shorn of mortgage interest tax deductions

Senior issues not always what we think, for Latinos in particular

Latinos save less for retirement – part two

Latinos save less for retirement – part one

Public Relations Jobs Tips

Users: HispanicMPR content unique, useful

Hispanic fathers: What makes them different?

Latino Boomers flying under radar

Why Hispanics may be less comfortable with hospice

Working with the Hispanic Media: Share the Passion!

A Western hero to celebrate, Cesar Chavez

Why Hispanic businesses need to use promotional products

Making a case for relationship building to capture existing and emerging markets in today’s business environment

Changing Perceptions

Finding the Right Hispanic Partner: 7 Musts for Success

Parents: Speak of these things to your children

Dropping real estate prices, weak dollar attract foreign investors searching online

Focusing On Your Target Customer

The forgotten American Apartheid: how women fought for their right to vote

Hispanic Marketing 2.0: What enterprise-wide marketing needs

How to build and grow a Hispanic Social Network: the case of

¡Bienvenidos! Best practices for using welcome calls in your Hispanic customer service strategy

5 Tips To Manage Your Entrepreneurial Energy For Wow Results

Oyeme! White Latinas Have Rhythm, too!

Five tips to ensure Hispanic media don’t cover your story

Conducting Research Among U.S. Hispanics Online

What it takes to become the financial firm of choice for Hispanics

Aligning Social Responsibility and Multicultural Marketing

Recruiting Hispanic Respondents for Medical/Pharmaceutical Research Studies

Hispanic Market Metrics Management Cares About

Customer Service is Key to Hispanic Outreach and Retention

Building an Effective Case to Latin American and Hispanic Dominant Consumers

Center for Immigration Studies exposes itself in public

The ultimate – Adding emotions to your brand

International public relations: Getting started

Borders are not about political lines

Business Spanish Call Center Certification – ROI and the Rationale to Support your Business Case

Hispanic media relations training: what to do when Hispanic media call

Business Spanish Call Center Certification – Improving Customer Satisfaction

“Bilingual Preferred”

Idea in Spanish is still spelled idea

¿Se habla español? Understanding the Culture before Trying to Connect with It

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Marketing to Hispanics – using the right words

Does Humor Work to Attract the Hispanic Consumer?

Adding “Gasolina” to Your Marketing Stragegy. Four Tips to Reaching US Hispanic Youth

Scholarship Opportunities for Hispanics Abound

Targeting Hispanics requires marketing initiative and cultural understanding