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Fiction books

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 20, 2008

Information about fiction books we have seen first hand:

Across a hundred mountains by Reyna Grande (Atria Books, $23)

A 259-page hardcopy book about “immigration, loss and discovery” written by Mexican born Grande who was a 2003 PEN Center USA Emerging Voices Rosenthal Fellow.

Across a Hundred Mountains cover

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Chronicles of A Nomad: Memoirs of an Immigrant by A.A. Alvarez (A.A. Alvarez Publishing, $15)

A 279-page paperback novel about the experiences of a young man as he grows up in Venezuela, to later immigrate to the United States and Greece. Narrated in first person, the book was published January 2009.


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The Ghosts of Guantanamo Bay by K.R. Jones (Seacay Publishing, $14.95)

A 327-page soft cover fiction novel set in Guatanamo Bay, Cuba written by military spouse K.R. Jones.

The Ghosts of Guantanamo Bay book cover

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A Taco Testimony by Denise Chavez (Rio Nuevo, $16.95)

A Taco Testimony

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The Tamale List by Brian Naranjo (Vanilla Heart Publishing, $13.95)


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