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Podcast with Timothy Baker, CFA founder, Metric Financial about banking, trends in financial industry

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 3, 2023

Tim Baker, CFA founder, Metric Financial

Timothy Baker, CFA, founder, Metric Financial

Photo: Metric Financial

A podcast interview with Timothy Baker, C.F.A., founder, Metric Financial, is available in the Podcast Section of Hispanic Marketing and Public Relations, During the podcast, he discusses banking and trends in the financial industry with Elena del Valle, host of the podcast.

Tim is a chartered financial analyst and chief executive officer of Metric Financial. According to his bio he is a Registered Investment Advisor “dedicated to helping clients lower costs and improve results through factor investing.” Prior to starting Metric, he held product development and strategy roles at among others, BlackRock/iShares, where he was product strategist in the firm’s Smart Beta Exchange Traded Fund group.

To listen to the interview, scroll down and click on the play button below. It is also possible to listen by looking for “Podcast” then select “HMPR Tim Baker, CFA ” and download the MP3 file to your audio player. You can also find it on the RSS feed. To download it, click on the arrow of the recording you wish to copy and save it to disk. The podcast will remain listed in the April 2023 section of the podcast archive.