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English club, agency target U.S. Latino soccer fans

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 7, 2008


Luis Martinez, CEO, Punto Rojo Sports Marketing Group

 Photo: Punto Rojo Sports Marketing Group

Punto Rojo Sports Marketing Group, a Hispanic market agency, and the Arsenal Football Club (Arsenal F.C.), an English professional soccer club, recently partnered to explore brand opportunities for the team within the United States Hispanic market.

As part of the agreement, the companies will target Hispanic soccer fans with an experiential tour and museum launching in Los Angeles and other markets. A 24 foot custom built vehicle filled with memorabilia is expected to tour Southern California in 2009 and New York, Chicago, Florida and Texas the following year. It will have  glass walls and a lighted display and be manned by bilingual staff.

“Reaching out to the Hispanic market is an important step for the global branding of Arsenal,” said Angus Kinnear, head of marketing for Arsenal FC. “As the point of entry for Arsenal in the U.S., it will be a key component to the success of the Arsenal Experience in the U.S.”

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There are also plans to organize as many as 40 retail events at a 20 foot mobile enclosed pop up temperature controlled dome. To reach young fans and families marketers envision a Youth Academy with a health and fitness theme. Former Arsenal FC players and coaches and local community coaches will staff academy activities. Organizers hope to reach 1.5 million Latino soccer fans with these programs.

According to a Punto Rojo spokesperson, although radio is being considered the promotional buy will likely be almost entirely television. Punto Rojo is negotiating on behalf of Arsenal with two major satellite TV companies for the broadcast rights.

Promotional materials mention three of the team players as having a Latino connection.  They are: Mexican Carlos Vela, an Arsenal striker; as well as Spaniards Cesc Fabregas, a Midfielder, and Manuel Alumnia, a goalkeeper. To enhance their efforts and reach Latinos online the companies are planning an Arsenal website to capture new Latino fans. Participants who attend the tour will be invited to register on-site as a way to track attendance and a measure of acquisitions to the mobile experience.

“U.S. Hispanic sports fans are eager to experience soccer at a global level,” said Luis Martinez, president of the Punto Rojo Sports Marketing Group. “The Hispanic market has no borders when it comes to its economic and marketing potential, and Arsenal F.C. is creating a strategic opportunity to access these consumers.”

The Punto Rojo Sports Marketing Group is a division of Punto Rojo Communications, an independent Hispanic marketing and advertising consultancy in Los Angeles and London. The Punto Rojo Sports Marketing Group is affiliated with The Sports Consultancy, an independently owned full service sports marketing agency based in London.

The Arsenal Football Club is a Premier League soccer team based in Holloway, North London. Since its founding in 1886, it has won thirteen First Division and Premier League titles and ten FA Cups, and holds the record for the longest uninterrupted period in the English top flight.

Arsenal FC is one of the most financially successful soccer clubs in English soccer and was valued at over £600 million in 2008. It is owned by domestic and international shareholders including its board of directors who own almost 60 percent of the team.

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Listen to podcast interview with Gail Mills, author, Quinceanera Connection about her book

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 6, 2008


Gail Mills, author, Quinceañera Connection

Photo: Gail Mills

A podcast interview with Gail Mills, author of Quinceañera Connection: Your Dream Celebration On A Budget, is available in the Podcast Section of Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations, HispanicMPR.com. During the podcast, Gail discusses her book with Elena del Valle, host of the HispanicMPR.com podcast.

In her career Gail has built a multimillion dollar inventory reorder business, and worked as a life coach, business consultant, web business owner and author. Seven years ago she offered life-coaching and consulting services for injured workers in the California Worker’s Compensation Program. At that time, 70 percent of her clients were from the Latino Community. Many shared their heart-felt stories of hardships and their desire to make sure their children had a better opportunity in life than they had had.


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Relying on their positive feedback for inspiration she wrote Quinceañera Connection, her first book. Later she launched a companion website to offer additional products for Latino teenage girls, their family and friends.Gail is a graduate of Harvard Business School-OPM program where she focused on entrepreneurial operations.

She attended New York City College and University of California at Los Angeles. She was the founder and chief executive officer of a multi-state inventory management reorder company for over 15 years with offices in Los Angeles, California and Seattle, Washington. She built the business from zero to $25 million in volume.

Gail has served on the non-profit boards of Harvard Business School Alumni Association of Southern California, Harvard Business School Alumni Association Board of Directors, Singing Earth Foundation and the Organization of Bilingual Rehabilitation Associates.

To listen to the interview, scroll down until you see “Podcast” on the right hand side, then select “HMPR Gail Mills,” click on the play button below or download the MP3 file to your iPod or MP3 player to listen on the go, in your car or at home. To download it, click on the arrow of the recording you wish to copy and save it to disk. The podcast will remain listed in the October 2008 section of the podcast archive.


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Executive Director for University Communications and Marketing

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 3, 2008

Ohio University
Athens, Ohio

Ohio University seeks applications and nominations for the position of Executive Director for University Communications and Marketing.

Reporting directly to the President and an integral member of the Ohio University leadership team, the Executive Director will be an experienced thought leader and marketing veteran with strong leadership and interpersonal skills and proven success in developing and implementing short- and long-term organization-wide integrated marketing and communications strategies.

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Books help immigrants find job, integrate into U.S. business environment

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 3, 2008

hmprhowtojob.jpg hmpramerispeak.jpg

 How to Get a Job in the USA and Ameri$peak book covers

Believing that there is a strong relationship between the right vocabulary and success in America, Nara Venditti, Ph.D., an immigrant herself, published Ameri$peak (Suceed in America, $14.99) a mini dictionary. Ameri$peak is a 95-page softcover book filled with common words and phrases for foreign born workers wishing to interact with Americans in a business setting.

In writing the mini-dictionary, published by her company in 2006, Venditti relied on her experience as an educational programs developer for international executives, translator, interpreter, and international relocation consultant. In the book, she focuses on units of general meaning that are commonly used in business, and words that are important in all areas of business. Readers are invited to visit the book’s companion website for updates.

Venditti also published a step by step guide for foreign nationals wishing to find a job in the United States, her second book that year. In How to Get a Job in the USA, a 112-page soft cover book, she shares insights on American job search and interviewing techniques.

She promises the reader insights on competing in the American job market, networking and making contact, finding out about job openings, preparing for an interview, following up on an interview, negotiating a job offer and getting the job desired.

Venditti is president and founder of Suceed in America, a consulting company that assists clients with workplace, career counseling and cultural understanding issues. She is an adjunct lecturer at Western Connecticut State University and the author of 61 published works.


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Shift Supervisor

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 2, 2008


SIMS Metal Management, East, the worlds leading metal and electronics recycling company, currently has openings for Shift Supervisors at our Newark and Jersey City facilities.  Ideal candidate will have a minimum of 5 years experience with hydraulics, electrical, mechanical and PLC applications.  Responsibilities include running a shredder on 2nd shift; maximize efficiency and productivity and scheduling maintenance.

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New Jersey company offers prepaid credit card to unbanked

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 2, 2008


Mark Colyer, EVP of Business Development, Branded Marketing

Photo:  Branded Marketing

Executives at Haskell, New Jersey based Branded Marketing thought there was a market for prepaid credit cards for Latinos who couldn’t access or didn’t want regular bank cards. To serve this market they began offering Pr1macard Prepaid MasterCard, prepaid credit cards, June 2008. To date the company has signed 12 retail distribution partners and sold 700 cards.

To participate as a retail distribution partner a store must be in the Money Service Business (MSB) in its home state. Common partners include licensed check cashers, pharmacies, bodegas, and convenience stores.


Pr1macard Prepaid MasterCard

The Pr1macard by 1800Tarjetas.com is made up of a portfolio of four financial card products designed for the underbanked or underserved United States Latino market. Branded Marketing has a toll-free numbers serving as the bilingual call center platform for new customer acquisition inquiries and cardholder customer service and support.

“In eight short weeks we’ve been able to prove to our first 12 retail partners that our Pr1macard product is a cost efficient, quality product that will drive more foot traffic into each store and create a real time commission plus residual revenue stream to their bottom lines,” said Mark Colyer, executive vice president of Business Development for Branded Marketing.

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Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations 1932534083

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Choice magazine

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“It is important for us as a company to strengthen our three prong approach to distributing our card, those being at the retail level, on the Internet via our website, and via our live operator bilingual call center. Our goal is to roll out 10 to 15 quality retail partner stores a month for the remainder of 2008, then accelerate that to 25 stores per month through 2009.”

Marketers tout the card as a cost efficient product and promise it will increase foot traffic into each store and create a real time commission plus residual revenue stream to the store’s bottom line. Pr1macard Prepaid MasterCard benefits they promote include: 100 percent approval subject to identification and address verification; cash through ATMs; and Cash Reload through participating retail locations; accepted wherever MasterCard debit cards are welcome; dual card option which allows card holders to share the card with family members; bank loans via a bank to card transfer feature.

Promotional materials emphasize benefits like the English and Spanish live customer service; bill paying usefulness (many of the unbanked struggle to pay bills since they have no credit or bank accounts); the holder’s ability to establish a credit history; the advantage of having a prepaid card that doesn’t create debt; and a direct deposit option.

Branded Marketing, established May 2007, is privately owned by a group of 45 investors and founders. The Pr1macard Prepaid MasterCard is issued by Palm Desert National Bank under its license by MasterCard International Incorporated. Branded Marketing is a registered MSP of Palm Desert National Bank and MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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Focusing On Your Target Customer

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 1, 2008

New Ways to Define Your Best Prospects
By Jay Gronlund, vice president and managing director, Latin Pulse USA
Mario Quiñones, president, Latin Pulse

Mario Quiñones

Mario Quiñones, president, Latin Pulse


 Jay Gronlund, vice president and managing director, Latin Pulse USA

In today’s highly competitive world, there is a natural tendency to focus on the product or service, to somehow update it or improve it so you can stay one step ahead of your competition. This is a worthwhile endeavor, but often it can become a distraction to what should be the real focal point of marketing – your target customer. And one of the most complex, dynamic segments of the U.S. population today is the Hispanic consumer.

The famous business writer, Peter Drucker, had a healthy perspective on what business success is all about. He said “the purpose of a business is not to make money; it is to create a customer and to satisfy that customer.” Marketing is indeed all about creating and satisfying a customer. We like the definition of marketing that emphasizes behavior: “marketing is the science and art of getting target customers to sustain or change their behavior in a way that favors your brand.”

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