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Focusing On Your Target Customer

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 1, 2008

New Ways to Define Your Best Prospects
By Jay Gronlund, vice president and managing director, Latin Pulse USA
Mario Quiñones, president, Latin Pulse

Mario Quiñones

Mario Quiñones, president, Latin Pulse


 Jay Gronlund, vice president and managing director, Latin Pulse USA

In today’s highly competitive world, there is a natural tendency to focus on the product or service, to somehow update it or improve it so you can stay one step ahead of your competition. This is a worthwhile endeavor, but often it can become a distraction to what should be the real focal point of marketing – your target customer. And one of the most complex, dynamic segments of the U.S. population today is the Hispanic consumer.

The famous business writer, Peter Drucker, had a healthy perspective on what business success is all about. He said “the purpose of a business is not to make money; it is to create a customer and to satisfy that customer.” Marketing is indeed all about creating and satisfying a customer. We like the definition of marketing that emphasizes behavior: “marketing is the science and art of getting target customers to sustain or change their behavior in a way that favors your brand.”

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