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Latino Writers! Four Things to Know About Going Mainstream

Posted by Elena del Valle on July 14, 2010

By Robin Blakely
Partner, Get There Media

Robin Blakely, partner, Get There Media

Photo: Get There Media

So you have a book, you’ve established a Latino following, and now you have your eye on the mainstream marketplace. Here are four key things you need to know to leverage your culture and connections to keep your momentum mobilized.

1. Focus on a different kind of culture.

Stop thinking of your audience as Latino or not Latino. Transcend that way of thinking. Instead, think of your target market as gifted, or funny, or heartbroken, or entrepreneurial. Focus on who they are as clean freaks, or foodies, or mystery lovers, or knitters. Your audience—whoever they are—has a culture of its own that doesn’t have to be described as Latino or non-Latino. Think about the culture your audience shares as a group. Without relying on a description that involves ethnicity, ask yourself:

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New York City consultant shares PR insights

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 23, 2010

PR Therapy book cover

Photos: Quill Driver Books

In PR Therapy: Ignite Your Passion for Promoting Your Products, Services, and Even Yourself! Robin Blakely, a New York City public relations consultant, dedicates 180 pages to help readers build a public relations platform for their businesses. She focuses on print, broadcast and live media options.

In the book, she examines basic issues like the need to make changes in existing patterns of behavior, identifying assets and liabilities of the person or brand to be promoted, options available, and narrowing the target audience for starters. She shares suggestions, based on her experiences and that of colleagues, readers may want to consider to address the challenges they face along the way to promoting their business and brand.

The softcover book, published last year, is divided into six section she calls phases: Your Big Couch Trip, The RX to Analyze Your Audience, Picking and Approaching the Media, Your PR Empowerment Tools, The Media and Doing What It Takes, and Building on Your Success. These in turn are divided into what she calls sessions.

Blakely promises readers will have the tools to visualize and build a promotional base that allows them to connect with the most important areas of their market, select varied media venues to target, design the right tools for their business, understand what they need to know before beginning their promotional efforts in earnest.

A ten-year veteran in her field, Blakely is the founder of Livingston Communications, Inc. and a founding partner of Get There Media, a New York City company. She has secured promotional placements for clients at print, broadcast and live venues with HGTV, Book TV, ABC World News, and Vanity Fair among others.

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