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Latino Writers! Four Things to Know About Going Mainstream

Posted by Elena del Valle on July 14, 2010

By Robin Blakely
Partner, Get There Media

Robin Blakely, partner, Get There Media

Photo: Get There Media

So you have a book, you’ve established a Latino following, and now you have your eye on the mainstream marketplace. Here are four key things you need to know to leverage your culture and connections to keep your momentum mobilized.

1. Focus on a different kind of culture.

Stop thinking of your audience as Latino or not Latino. Transcend that way of thinking. Instead, think of your target market as gifted, or funny, or heartbroken, or entrepreneurial. Focus on who they are as clean freaks, or foodies, or mystery lovers, or knitters. Your audience—whoever they are—has a culture of its own that doesn’t have to be described as Latino or non-Latino. Think about the culture your audience shares as a group. Without relying on a description that involves ethnicity, ask yourself:

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