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Rules For Effective Spanish Language Press Releases

Posted by Elena del Valle on March 3, 2010

By Martha Galindo
CEO and president, Galindo Publicidad Inc.

CEO and president, Galindo Publicidad Inc.

Photo: Martha Galindo

Press releases are a great way to get some coverage from media outlets, in any language.They’re also a great way to break into new markets, especially foreign language ones. That’s a strategy more companies are starting to adopt. There are thousands of non-English language media outlets, and they offer a great opportunity for companies to get their message in front of a new audience.

The non-English U.S. market can be substantial. According to recent reports there are 2,453 unique U.S. Hispanic media outlets, including more than 1,200 print publications, and more than 1,000 TV and radio outlets and shows. There are also twenty AP-style wire services and news syndicates. In some cases these are the only media serving a particular Hispanic community. Any company with a product that fits this market would do well to send press releases to these key outlets.

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