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Listen to song – Hope Sings from new organization supporting microfinance

Posted by Elena del Valle on November 1, 2010

Singer and song writer Martha Gomez

Photo, song: Martha Gomez, Hope Sings

Beth Blatt first approached Martha Gomez to ask her to write a song free of charge. Oh and by the way could she do it quickly because time was limited. Gomez obliged, writing the song within 48 hours and within less than a week they were in the recording studio.

So was born the theme song for Hope Sings, a new and ambitious company founded by Blatt, a New York resident planning to raise funds in the United States and abroad for microfinance for women around the world and to promote the work of little known musicians. Scroll down to listen to the song La Esperanza Canta in Spanish from the Hope Sings album.

La Esperanza Canta, Spanish for hope sings, is the theme song for the eponymous company.  Singer and song writer Gomez wrote and recorded the song inspired by the stories of three women in Nicaragua who benefited from receiving micro loans.

In 2005, Gomez was nominated for the Billboard Latin Music Latin Jazz category with Paco De Lucia, Gonzalo Rubalcaba and Nestor Torres and according to promotional information The Los Angeles Times described her as “an exceptional talent with a sublime voice.” She has shared the stage with a wide range of music industry personalities including Mercedes Sosa and Bonnie Raitt, and recently released her fifth album.

“When I began Hope Sings, I knew I wanted a theme song for the project that captured the our spirit, musically and lyrically. We’d gotten lots of songs submitted for theme song, and they were great songs, but none were the right feel. I loved Marta’s work courtesy of the Putumayo collections, but I didn’t know anyone who knew her,” said Blatt who went on to email the Colombian song writer directly. Gomez responded with enthusiasm and traveled to Guatemala to help a micro-financing organization. The Hope Sings mission is “to help women around the world out of poverty by supporting micro-finance.”

Click on the play button to listen to La Esperanza Canta