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Bilingual network airs Peruvian series with English subtitles

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 5, 2009

Bruno Ascenzo ("Alonso"), Gisela Ponce de Leon ("Mirkala"), Jason Day ("Sebastian") and Carolina Cano ("Viviana")

Bruno Ascenzo (“Alonso”), Gisela Ponce de Leon (“Mirkala”), Jason Day (“Sebastian”) and Carolina Cano (“Viviana”) of Esta Sociedad

Photo: Lucia Arana, Zul Studios

Last month mun2 (moon-dos), a bilingual cable network, began airing Esta Sociedad (Spanish for This Society) nationally Thursday nights, beginning September 10, at 10 p.m. ET/PT. The Spanish language a 17-episode series will be subtitled in English and air weekly through December. Repeat episodes will air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT. The network portal,, will stream full episodes with English subtitles.

According to promotional materials, Esta Sociedad has been a success in Latin America, particularly among young adults. The series showcases two families in Lima, Peru who deal with issues of interest to youth including sexuality, addiction and fitting in society.

The series features Jason Day (Mancora 2008) and Gisela Ponce de Leon in the role of the new girl in town. She is outspoken and follows her heart although she finds herself among wealthy and the privileged strangers.

“This acquisition will be a great fit for mun2’s slate of original programming as we’ve seen our audience asking for more of this edgy, scripted material,” said Flavio Morales, vice president, Programming for mun2.

Esta Sociedad was produced by Timeline Producciones in Lima, Peru. The bilingual youth oriented network has purchased other foreign programs in the past including El Cartel, which began airing three nights a week this summer, and Sin Senos No Hay Paraiso, which aired earlier this year. Twenty-five percent of the network’s programming is in Spanish with English subtitles, according to a company representative.

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