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Accelerate your career in public relations through accreditation

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 10, 2010

By Carlos M. Rivera-Cuesta, APR

Carlos M. Rivera-Cuesta, APR, executive partner, Partners Communications

Photo: Carlos M. Rivera-Cuesta

This multiple-part question might be asked many times when the subject surfaces regarding how to advance as a public relations professional: “What one step can I take to increase my knowledge and understanding, enhance my career and boost my earning potential?” A growing number of public relations professionals are considering the Accredited in Public Relations (APR) as a way to accelerate their immediate career and promote lifelong advancement. What is the true value behind these three letters? What does the designation mean to public relations practitioners?

Those who earn Accreditation are set apart as individuals and also part of an exclusive group of around 5,000 practitioners worldwide. They also, at least statistically, can earn more than non-Accredited colleagues.

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