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Neurobiologist shares stories of plant successes around world

Posted by Elena del Valle on December 14, 2022

The Incredible Journey of Plants

In The Incredible Journey of Plants (Other Press Paperback, $17.99) Stefano Mancuso, an Italian neurobiologist and author, shares stories about how plants have thrived in varied and sometimes harsh environments around world. The original title was published in Italian in 2018 and the English translation was published in 2020.

The 158-page paperback book, peppered with watercolor illustrations by Grisha Fischer, was translated into English by Gregory Conti. Written in an easy to read, engaging yet stress free style the book is divided into six chapters: Pioneers, Combatants and Veterans; Fugitives and Conquerors; Captains Courageous; Time Travelers; Solitary Trees; Anachronistic, Like an Encyclopedia.

Described in a press release as “one of the world’s leading authorities in the field of plant neurobiology, which explores signaling and communication at all levels of biological organization,” Mancuso is a professor at the University of Florence who has published more than 250 scientific papers in international journals. His previous books include The Revolutionary Genius of Plants: A New Understanding of Plant Intelligence and Behavior and Brilliant Green: The Surprising History and Science of Plant Intelligence.

According to promotional materials Conti teaches English at the University of Perugia and is a regular contributor to Raritan. Recent translations include Seven Poems by Elisa Biagini, The Fault Line by Paolo Rumiz, and A Soldier on the Southern Front by Emilio Lussu.