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Opinion writer discusses women’s issues in audiobook

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 15, 2018

Jill Filipovic, a contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, believes women want the freedom to pursue happiness without gender, class, location and identity biases and constraints. In The H-Spot The Feminist Pursuit of Happiness (Hachette Audio, $30) she discusses her experiences, her research and the impressions she formed from conversations with some women and men from various parts of the country.

In the audiobook, narrated by the author, she explores the history of working women in the United States and her concerns about the pervasive inequality that plagues our country. She outlines the burden presented by high standards of feminine perfection for women and the requirement that they be willing to sacrifice their happiness and well being for their loved ones, while she acknowledges that some of the standards are perpetuated by women. She highlights that the requirements for being a “good mother” have never been so extreme. The author points out the need for political and social changes at the national level.

Multiple requests over several weeks to respond to book related questions and for a book image via her website, Twitter and her publisher were unanswered. According to a biography for Filipovic on her publisher’s website she is a regular columnist for, where she was previously a senior political writer. A former columnist for the Guardian, she is also an attorney. The biography also indicates that her work on law, politics, gender and foreign affairs has appeared in The Washington Post, Time, Nation, and Foreign Policy.

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