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Brand Naming, The Unsubtle (Trump) And The Subtle (Pharmaceuticals)

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 6, 2018

By Jay Gronlund
President, The Pathfinder Group

Jay Gronlund

Jay Gronlund, president, The Pathfinder Group

Photo: Jay Gronlund

Most people think “branding” is simply about creating a catchy, memorable name for a product, service, organization and even people. However branding is much more complex. Good branding starts with the development of a message or impression that reflects the unique benefits and characteristics of that entity, and then creating a name that ideally communicates its qualities and personality to targeted customers. There are numerous approaches and philosophies for brand naming. Here are two contrasting examples: President Donald Trump’s tendency to coin descriptive, simplistic (and usually negative) labels on his adversaries that reflect his opinion of them, and the more subconscious, subliminal use of “phonologics” by pharmaceutical companies to create brand names for their products.

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