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Why Women Should Dominate Commercial Real Estate

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 24, 2013

By Viola Sanchez
Southeast Division, Vice President
PS Business Parks

Viola Sanchez

Viola Sanchez, vice president, Southeast Division, PS Business Parks

Photo: PS Business Parks

I am a woman. This is not a new found realization or one that should come across as a monumental statement. However, in my line of work, commercial real estate, it still remains a pejorative point of differentiation, albeit less so in recent years. Nevertheless, it is time we move past false rhetoric and forge a future of equality based on factual data and a little “women’s intuition.”

Commercial real estate and its myriad of sectors and nuances make for a fascinating field. Recently women have begun to enter the industry in earnest and currently account for 43 percent of the workforce. However, many have yet to reach the higher ranks of leadership.

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