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Public relations jobs tips

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 12, 2009

By Ashley Wirthlin
Author and editor,

Ashley Wirthlin, author and editor,

Ashley Wirthlin, author and editor,

Photo: Ashley Wirthlin

Finding a job may seem like a tough feat in times like these. However, there are still people being hired. There are things that can be done to help ensure that you too are one of those people getting a job. There takes a great deal of effort, desire to work, and common sense in order to get ahead, so use your smarts, and be proactive!

Below are some things I found helpful when getting hired. Underneath all of the business and professional aspects I had attempted to polish (with my small amount of experience) were a good mentality, perseverance, and dedication to finding a position suitable for me. Though finding a position is important, it is equally important to find a company that you enjoy working for and that you are a good candidate for.

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