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Consultant proposes optimizing use of technology to maximize productivity

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 5, 2012

Rewired book cover

Rewired book cover

Photo: Camille Preston, Ph.D.

The availability of affordable portable electronics that allow workers to take their office, in part, with them wherever they go has revolutionized business and brought many benefits to companies of all sizes in most parts of the developed world. One of the side effects of electronic connectivity is that it has blurred the lines between personal and work time, and led many people to work outside what were formerly regular office hours.

Because tablets, smartphones, and laptops allow users access twenty-four hours a day year round many people are able to conduct business, respond to queries and urgent issues on the go, while traveling or commuting. It also means they do so past the time they are in their office. Often workers tap their smartphone keyboards, surf the internet, text, Tweet or update their Facebook wall while they speak with a colleague or client, have a phone conversation, attend meetings or conferences, shop and are at dinner with family and friends.

Camille Preston, Ph.D. (see Listen to podcast interview with Camille Preston, Ph.D., CEO, AIM Leadership, about rewiring for results) dedicates her working hours to assisting clients to fine turn their leadership skills. Based on her experience with clients and colleagues and research she has read she believes overuse of technology is stressing people out, producing a near addiction to the connectivity, and, in some cases, causing damage to their bodies and quality of life.

In Rewired How to Work Smarter, Live Better, and Be Purposefully Productive in an Overwired World (AIM Leadership, $12.99), she addresses these concerns and offers ideas for readers who want to seek a healthy balance between their personal and professional lives. She suggests ways for readers to improve important cognitive skills, take advantage of technology without letting it overwhelm them, and deliver results.

The 87-page softcover book published in 2011 is divided into five parts: Overwired, Unwiring, Rewiring for Wellness, Success, and Closing Thoughts. Preston, chief executive officer, AIM Leadership, is a psychologist and leadership coach.

Rewired book cover

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