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The Potent Power of Press Relations

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 21, 2011

By Neil Tortorella

Neil Tortorella

Neil Tortorella

Photo: Courtesy of Neil Tortorella

Press and public relations (P.R.) can be two of the most powerful tools in a business’ marketing toolbox. When managed correctly, they add significant credibility for both the business and its key employees. Plus, p.r. is often less expensive than advertising and can be more believable. From the audience’s point-of-view, a well-placed story, article or interview can be seen as a third party endorsement of the company and/or its leaders.

A public relations program should begin with a simple question – What are you trying to accomplish? When the answer is sharply focused, sensible, strategic and attainable goals can be developed. Just like your business’ overall marketing efforts it all starts with a plan. What steps must you take to get there? Becoming a household name overnight probably isn’t likely, although it can happen. Targeting some local, regional or niche recognition might be a little more achievable.

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