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Most popular domains

Posted by Elena del Valle on June 14, 2010

Thinking about a domain for your organization or business? I always thought .com was king. The most recent Internet Systems Consortium Internet Domain Survey of April 2010 says otherwise. Worldwide there were 264,382,845 network (.net) domains compared to 147,031,831 commercial (.com) domains, making .net domains the leader by a wide margin.

The rest of the top 10 domains are all country designations, in descending order: Japan (54,067,517), Italy (22,804,359), Germany (21,462,183), Brazil (18,848,263), China (15,309,629), France (15,006,654), Australia (13,126,248), and Mexico (12,677,932). The Netherlands came next followed by educational (.edu) domains which accounted for the largest number of generic domains.

The Japanese domain .jp has the most hosts, more than twice as many as the Italian domain. Among the Latin American countries Mexico was in tenth place, Argentina was eighteenth (6,012,497), Colombia thirty-fifth (2,535,022) and Chile was forty-ninth (1,043,420). In case you are wondering there is a United States (.us) domain which appeared in the fortieth slot (2,169,238). What about organization domains (.org)? Right below domains for United States with 2,139,268 hosts.