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Mexican tequila maker taps former US soccer player to boost brand awareness

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 18, 2012

El Jimador tequila bottles
El Jimador tequila bottles – click to enlarge

Photos: El Jimador

El Jimador, a premium Mexican tequila brand, announced it hired Alexi Lalas, a former United States soccer player, to strengthen brand awareness by making special appearances and supporting the brand’s social responsibility initiative this year.

“Alexi brings more than just soccer knowledge to the table. He exhibits real passion, something that we value in our tequila production as well,” said said Jesus Ostos, tequilas brand marketing group manager. “Additionally, we wanted to work with someone who could promote our corporate social responsibility initiative and Alexi’s background affords us a level of credibility, while simultaneously increasing awareness of our presence in the sport.”

El Jimador is available in three varieties: Blanco (white), a clear tequila that is bottled after distillation. It is said to have “subtle cooked agave taste and hints of citrusy sweetness” that make it a good choice for tequila cocktails; Reposado (rested) adopts a “golden color” after sitting in white oak barrels for two months. It is said to have “hints of vanilla and caramel, a smooth and mellow taste;” and Añejo (aged), made from 100 percent tequilana weber blue agave and aged 12 months in toasted white oak barrels. It is said to have flavors of “vanilla and oak, balanced with subtle cues of cinnamon and caramel.” The tequila is available in 750 milliliter bottles at 80 proof. Bottles range in price from $19.99 to $29.99.

“We activate on a variety of levels from games on-site advertising, commemorative soccer bottles, to an experiential component for consumers. As part of our soccer platform, we will have a strong presence at all of the Mexican National Team’s games throughout the 2012 U.S. tour and will activate at various Major League Soccer (MLS) events, as well,” said Ostos when asked about promotional efforts for the brand.

“For example, we recently activated at the Mexico vs. Colombia match at Miami’s Sun Life Stadium. Consumers were invited to participate in a shoot out game to determine the fastest and most accurate kicker; consumers received autographs from soccer icon Jared Borgetti, signed up for a chance to win an autographed barrel, and took photos alongside brand ambassadors holding a giant bottle of el Jimador. In addition, in February of 2012 el Jimador launched a series of commemorative soccer bottles featuring soccer ball motifs blended with the brand’s iconic graphic designs, and highlighting the logos of Mexican Soccer, U.S. Soccer and MLS. The brand aims to distribute the packaging once a year for a limited two-month period, to kick off the soccer season in key markets nationwide.”

Alexi Lalas
Alexi Lalas will make special appearances for El Jimador

Marketers for the brand seek to leverage agency partners to support the spokesperson launch through public relations and digital marketing with and Plans are to promote certain campaigns using social media on Facebook to reach customers and prospects through a two-way dialogue while other campaigns will be promoted via broadcast media.

“We measure success by an increase in brand recognition and preference among our target audience and continuous and relevant consumer programming with retailer partners,” said Ostos when asked how the brand will measure results. “Success also means that el Jimador Tequila as a brand will be identified as being socially responsible and passionate about soccer.”

Lalas is a sports analyst and a retired American soccer player and former member of the United States National Team during the 1998 and 1994 World Cups, as well as a member of the 1996 and 1992 United States Olympic Teams.  In 2004, after a 10-year career, he retired from soccer. In 2006, he was elected to the National Soccer Hall of Fame.

Part of Casa Herradura, established in 1870, el Jimador is a 100 percent blue agave tequila named for the men who harvest the agave in Mexico. The tequila is produced in the tiny town of Amatitán, Jalisco in the heart of Mexico’s tequila region, and crafted using traditional methods, such as cooking the agave in clay ovens and fermenting the beverage naturally with wild yeast designed to create “a rich, smooth and unexpected taste.” According to Ostos, El Jimador is the top selling tequila in Mexico.