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Hispanic Seniors

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 8, 2012

An Audience Worth Reaching
By Nhora Barrera, president, TMNcorp

Nhora Barrera, president and CEO, TMNcorp

Nhora Barrera, president and CEO, TMNcorp

Photo: TMNcorp

There’s no question that America’s population is getting older, and it’s happening fast. Nearly 11,000 Americans turn 65 everyday 1. This aging population, however, isn’t homogenous. It is a demographic that reflects the nation’s growing diversity and challenges us to rethink how we reach them with information that will benefit their quality of life and health.

Hispanics seniors are a perfect example of this challenge. In 2008, there were 2.8 million Hispanics over 65 in America. But in just seven years, the group is predicted to be America’s largest elderly ethnic group.2 This number will only increase as the number of Hispanic-Americans continues to grow.

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