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California website draws United States residents with Mexico oriented forum

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 30, 2009

Mi Altos website

Mi Altos website


In October 2007 Juan Carlos Perez Jr. launched, a website for fans of Jalisco, Mexico, their families and friends. His website is noteworthy because it is based in Ontario, California and 90 percent of his 4,116 registered members (as of September 2009) and 29,480 monthly visitors are in the United States.

Juan Carlos Perez, Jr.

Juan Carlos Perez, Jr., owner,

“Our goal is to reconnect friends and families that have been distanced due to emigration to the United States. Members are able to share and reconnect their lives by sharing pictures, posting blogs, and actively participating in meaningful discussions, said Perez Jr. “MiAltos has been a great success because it caters to a very focused group of people and is able to provide them with content they cannot find anywhere else.

Many of our members had never owned or used a computer before they joined MiAltos. The allure of the site has engaged these members into learning how to utilize computers and the internet, and they have now become regular contributors to the site. Ultimately the members have been the foundation for our success, and we greatly appreciate them.”

Perez Jr. believes the average user is between 18-34 years old and visitors aged 35-49 are also growing quickly. There are slightly more women than men and the typical users are members of middle class working families earning up to $30,000 per year. The largest concentration of users reside in California, Illinois, Iowa, and Texas. There is also measurable usage from Mexico and Spain.

He promotes the site primarily through word of mouth referrals. According to his findings, over 60 percent of the portal’s members found the site that way. The rest relied on organic search engine results, primarily Google and Bing.

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