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Latinos save less for retirement – part one

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 9, 2009

But how well do they understand the 401(k) plan? An overview of the lack of financial information in Spanish
(Part one of a two part article; part two will be published next week)
By Silvia Pingitore
Journalist, writer and illustrator

Silvia Pingitore, journalist

The study 401(k) plans in living color – published by the business consultant Hewitt Associates and the non-profit educational foundation Ariel Investments – made a large scale analysis of 401(k) participation by race, studying the ethnic disparities in retirement savings.

Examining 3 million 401(k) plans at 57 corporations among the largest firms in the United States, this landmark study has shown that African-American and Hispanic workers save significantly less for retirement than their white and Asian colleagues.

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