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Users: HispanicMPR content unique, useful

Posted by Elena del Valle on July 1, 2009

By Vanessa Bravo

Vanessa Bravo

Vanessa Bravo

The three sections users prefer are guest articles, articles authored by Elena del Valle and podcasts

Happy birthday! Hispanic Marketing and Public Relations ( is reaching its fourth anniversary and is growing fast. What started four years ago as a small forum to share ideas about the book Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations (Poyeen Publishing, $49.95) has grown into a fully developed website with a wealth of information about business topics in general and the Hispanic market in particular.

Today, offers visitors dozens of guest articles, podcasts, articles authored by Elena del Valle (host and editor of the website), presentations, videos, and job ads. The website has become a useful tool for business people and entrepreneurs interested in topics like marketing, public relations and business development. It has grown a loyal pool of users: just the e-mail newsletter is received by more than 3,500 subscribers.

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