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Brand loyalty high for haircare products among Hispanics across income levels

Posted by Elena del Valle on March 7, 2011

Twenty-two percent of survey respondents picked Head and Shoulders Shampoo as their favorite

Photo: Procter and Gamble

A 2010 Mintel survey of Hispanic personal care product attitudes and shopping habits indicates Latinos are brand loyal to their shampoo and conditioner across household income levels. In spite of the economic slow down, 60 percent of respondents to the survey said they buy the same brand of shampoo and conditioner. This was especially true for Spanish dominant shoppers.

Hispanics also favored styling products. Forty-six percent of survey participants said they buy styling gels and lotions, a greater percentage than Asians, Blacks and Whites.

More Hispanics, 57 percent, said they rely on conditioners to soften and detangle their hair than Whites, 49 percent. Many respondents in the Latino and Asian market segments, 24 percent, like to color their hair compared to only 18 percent of Whites and 20 percent of Blacks.

The top three shampoo brands among Latinos who participated in the survey were Head and Shoulders (preferred by almost one quarter of these survey takers) followed by Pantene and Suave.

English dominant Latino respondents didn’t respond well when it came to hairspray: 46 percent of English-dominant Hispanics said that they do not buy hairspray in comparison with 24 percent of Spanish dominant respondents.

Mintel is an international research company. This Mintel survey was conducted online in August 2010 among 534 U.S. Hispanic respondents aged 18 and older.