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Attorneys discuss asset protection in new book

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 4, 2009

Financial Self-Defense book cover

Financial Self-Defense book cover

Attorneys Arnold S. Golstein, JD, Ph.D. and Hillel L. Presser, JD provide tips to readers about legal ways to safeguard their assets against lawsuits, divorce, creditors, bankruptcy, tax collections and foreclosure in their recently published book, Financial Self-Defense: How to Protect Everything You Own…From Everyone…Everytime! (Garrett Press, $16.95).

They believe that asset protection requires a proactive approach and a shift in attitude on the part of those wishing to safeguard their wealth. They say that too many people dedicate much time to accumulating wealth but little or no time to protecting the wealth they acquire, suggesting readers dedicate one minute to asset protection thinking for every hour of asset accumulation.

The 236-page paperback book is divided into twelve chapters: Planning, Strategies, For Your Home and Other Real Estate, For Your Investments, For Your Retirement Accounts, For Your Estate and Inheritance, For Your Business or Professional Practice, For Your Other Assets, Against Lawsuits, From Foreclosures, In Divorce, and Against the IRS.

Goldstein, a member of the Massachusetts and Federal bars, is a professor at Lynn University and a professor emeritus at Northeastern University where he received a Ph.D. He has written several other books on wealth protection which, according to promotional materials, are best sellers. He has 40 years of experience. He has, according to his website, represented 20,000 clients on wealth protection issues. Presser is co-founder of Presser/ Goldstein, LLC.

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