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Consultants outline business finance basics

Posted by Elena del Valle on September 9, 2011

Finance Without Fear book cover
Finance Without Fear book cover

Photos: Prosperous Communities, Inc.

William S. Hettinger, Ph.D., a consultant and educator, and John Dolan-Heitlinger, MBA, a consultant and business executive, believe the long term success of a business is tied directly to the owner’s and manager’s ability to understand where the money comes from and where it goes; that business acumen is not enough if the owner or person heading a business doesn’t understand the financial issues pertaining to his or her company. It is their belief that to control a business it is necessary to understand the numbers.

“You can fix practically any business problem but only if you first understand where your money comes from,” said Dolan-Heitlinger.

They outline what they consider essential financial knowledge for a business in Finance Without Fear: A Guide to Creating and Managing a Profitable Business, a 312-page softcover book published this year by the Institute for Finance & Entrepreneurship with a retail price of $25.95.

John Dolan-Heitlinger, MBA coauthor, Finance Without Fear
John Dolan-Heitlinger, MBA coauthor, Finance Without Fear

The book, they indicate in the Introduction, was written to explain the essential issues of finance and how to use finance as a tool to those starting or expanding a business, managers wishing to apply financial principles to their business, board members who want to broaden their knowledge of the finance of the business, and students.

“You may think finance is complicated and intimidating,” said Hettinger, “but it’s really not that difficult to understand. Not understanding financial statements leaves you open to being blindsided.”

The book is divided into 21 chapters and four main sections: Introduction, Financial Statements, Tools to Help You Make Money, and Building and Operating Your Business to Make Money.

William S. Hettinger, author, Finance Without Fear

William S. Hettinger, Ph.D., coauthor, Finance Without Fear

Hettinger is president of Prosperous Communities, a housing and economic development consultancy. He is the author of several other books including Living and Working in Paradise: Why Housing is Too Expensive and What Communities Can Do about It which analyzes the causes of housing market failure in resort communities.

Dolan-Heitlinger is the president of D-H & Associates Consulting, a business management and governance consultancy. He has been consultant, chief executive officer and senior executive for more than 25 years in diverse economic and demographic environments. Retired as a Coast Guard Reserve commander, Dolan-Heitlinger had commands and leadership positions in the homeland security and disaster response fields.

Both are principals at the Institute for Finance and Entrepreneurship which provides training and mentoring to small business owners.

Finance Without Fear book cover

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