Sunday, July 21, 2024 most played podcasts in 2012

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 18, 2013

The top 15 interview podcasts in 2012 are, in descending order and with the title and affiliation of the original recording: Tracy Vega director, Marketing and Publicity, Rio Nuevo Publishers; Martha Montoya, president, Los Kitos Entertainment, LLC; Orly Wahba, CEO, Life Vest Inside; Jaime Suchlicki, Ph.D., editor, Cuban Affairs, University of Miami; Juan Ochoa, director, Program Development, MFM Trade Meetings; Alex Carvallo at Intel; Arturo Nuñez and Saskia Sorrosa, NBA representatives; Tom Anderson, managing partner, Anderson Analytics; Gloria Ruiz, Ph.D., department chair, St. Thomas University; John Mayerhofer, CEO, VoiceIndigo; Bill Colton, president, Global Telesourcing; Matias Perel, founder, Latin3; Camille Preston, CEO, AIM Leadership; Louis Pagan, host, Latino Pundit; and Daniel Ayala, senior vice president, Well Fargo.

Three individuals, Martha Montoya, Jaime Suchlicki, and Daniel Ayala also appeared in the most recent tally of the top 25 podcast interviews released in 2010. The 2010 list includes, in descending order of popularity: Rupa Ranganatan (2007), John Mayerhofer, Laura Hernandez, Michele Valdovinos, Jaime Suchlicki, Ph.D., Matias Perel, Cynthia Nelson, Daniel Ayala, Carlos Santiago and Derene Allen, Derorah Ramirez, Martha Montoya, Liria Barbosa, Jose Reyes, Demian Bellumio, Mabel Valdiviezo, Teresa Iglesias Solomon, Maria Azua, Edna Chun, Ph.D., Carlos Alfaro, Antonio Otalvaro and Noah Otalvaro, Steve Bergsman, Gail Mills, Federico Subervi, Ph.D. and Diana Rios, Ph.D., Cynthia Hudson, and Kathleen Haley.

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