Saturday, November 28, 2020

B2B Offline

Posted by Elena del Valle on November 23, 2016

Dear HispanicMPR B2B users:

To all of you who have taken advantage of the forum, using it in a respectful and courteous way, thank you. We started the forum to allow our community an opportunity to share news and connect directly with each other in a business and professional online setting free of charge. It is no longer possible to keep the website open.

Due to software security issues the B2B site and all its content has been removed and will remain offline. While there is no evidence of a breach, unfortunately there are people out there dedicated to hacking and exploiting any weaknesses for nefarious purposes. To avoid any issues in the future we regretfully had to remove the forum in its entirety as soon as we became aware of the situation. I trust you understand.

Best wishes for the holiday season and continued success in the coming new year.

Elena del Valle