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Santiago, Carlos

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 5, 2005

Carlos Santiago, President & CEO of Santiago Solutions Group, contributed the Foreword for the Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations book.

In his 20 years of experience in private industry and management consulting, Carlos Santiago has served a wide variety of clients and industry.  He is a nationally recognized leader for demonstrating tremendous shareholder value creation through corporate initiatives including analytical approaches and successful development of architectures implementing multicultural branding, direct response, sales, retail and CRM strategies.  He has created and led multicultural P&L business units, introduced new products and repositioned brands across many categories. His discipline is based on careful management of organizations’ infrastructures, 360º customer touch-points, data intelligence mining, predictive behavior modeling and acculturation & lifetime value segmentation, solving large scale problems and deploying processes that deliver accelerated growth objectives.  The Wall Street Journal, LA Times, and Advertising Age have highlighted his leadership in consumer segmentation.

In 2000, Santiago founded Santiago Solutions Group (SSG), previously Santiago & Valdés Solutions, a business strategy consultancy providing guidance to growth oriented companies on how to maximize profits from multicultural markets. SSG is a highly respected think tank for its approaches in strategy mapping, opportunity sizing, portfolio prioritization and integrated market planning for clients such as Nestle, AARP, American Express, HP, AT&T Wireless, Humana, Tweeter, The San Diego Union Tribune, Herbalife, Cuauhtemoc Brewers (Dos XX, Tecate), and Johnson & Johnson among others.  SSG’s new paradigms are often quoted when expert insights and unconventional wisdom is needed, e.g.: CNBC, Business Week, NPR, and Time.

Prior to SSG, Santiago spent 10 years in the rapidly changing telecommunications industry.  In 1990 he joined Pacific Bell as marketing director of the Ethnic Markets Group, the third largest consumer business unit in California which he led through a period of significant growth.  In 1993 he went to work for NYNEX as managing director of Ethnic & Premium Marketing later taking additional responsibilities for Sales & Customer Care, leading the first centralized business unit finding ways to attain profitable growth, retention, and win-back by molding and reengineering organization-wide strategies focused on undervalued African American, Hispanic, Asian, People with Disabilities, and Gay & Lesbian consumers.  His efforts transformed the communications giant from a mass product-centric organization to a highly segmented customer-centric leader.  His team delivered best-in-class sales, service quality, and satisfaction level results from CRM strategies directed across retail and call center channels while attaining the lowest cost of acquisition through “In-Culture”


Carlos Santiago