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Hollywood celebrity shares lifestyle beauty secrets

Posted by Elena del Valle on June 24, 2016

Pretty Happy

Pretty Happy

Photo: HarperCollins Publishers

Based on her personal experience Kate Hudson, actor and producer, believes the path to good health requires discipline and involves listening to her body and her mind, feeling good in her body and connected with it by slowing down, eating well, exercising and meditating. Making lifestyle changes takes time and effort, she says. To reach her goal she follows four guidelines she calls pillars: Cultivating an intuitive relationship with her body; eating well; awakening her body; and the miracle of mindfulness.

In Pretty Happy: Healthy Ways to Love Your Body (Dey Street Books, $26.99), a 235-page hardcover book published February 2016, she and Billie Fitzpatrick explain her approach to life. It includes questionnaires for readers and is divided into ten chapters and three main areas: Becoming Body Smart, The Four Pillars in Practice, and Living Body Smart. In the book, peppered with color photos of Hudson, thin, with blond highlights and make up, she says she believes in self acceptance.

In her personal journey toward healthy living she relied on a variety of sources, she explains at the beginning. At the end of the book she shared a short list of books for readers who want to know more. She believes in Ayurvedic eating with an emphasis on whole alkaline (as opposed to acidic) foods. In the book, she shares a sample list of acidic and alkaline foods. She is convinced that enjoying what she does when she exercises is important. Although moving is essential, there is no single answer that applies all the time or to everyone, and each person has to dedicate time to understanding her or his body, Hudson says.

Fitzpatrick has collaborated on nonfiction books about mind-body health, nutrition, fitness, neuroscience, business and sexuality. Hudson is cofounder of Fabletics. She was unavailable to respond to questions, according to a representative from her publishing company.

Pretty Happy

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