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With song – Record label to release new artist hip hop album

Posted by Elena del Valle on December 28, 2015


Penance album cover

Photos and song: Mindless Sound Records, LLC

On January 12, 2016, Mindless Sound Records, LLC will release Penance, Lyrical Justifier’s solo debut hip hop album. An aspiring artist for 14 years, Lyrical Justifier wrote all the songs on the album. Scroll down to listen to Music Is My Blood, a single from the new album.

Lyrical Justifier

Lyrical Justifier

Lyrical Justifier is the artist name of Stephen C. Sebastiao, the United States born son of a Portuguese father and a Brazilian mother. The album features 17 songs and includes the music of DJ SoulBuck (Beat Minerz Radio, DJ for Doodlebug); Gordon Nelson Jr., a former Gloria Gaynor background vocalist; Jamal Coltrane; Richard Reiter, an Emmy Award Winning Composer and sax and woodwind player; as well as several independent vocalists. Brother Noyze The Mad Musician produced the album and designed the album cover.