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Business tips from a dating coach

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 11, 2015

April Davis
Cupid’s Cronies

April Davis, founder, Cupid’s Cronies

April Davis, founder, Cupid’s Cronies

Photo: Cupid’s Cronies

Being a successful businessperson and being a successful dater may seem completely unrelated. However, many of the skills and techniques used in dating can be applied to a business context. As a dating coach, I provide our clients with various tips on building a relationship, conversing, and making connections, just a few of the tips that can overlap with the business world. Here are five examples.

Conversation and communication skills

We’ve all been in meetings when afterwards you talk later and it’s clear you heard different messages. Similarly, two people can go on a date and when they follow up with me, I hear two distinctly different versions of the event.

In order to have a good meeting or a good date, one needs to have great communication skills. If they’re awkward in their delivery or lack decent grammar, they’re going to be quickly written off and disregarded.

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