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Listen to podcast with Aaron Young, CEO, Laughlin Associates, about corporations vs LLCs

Posted by Elena del Valle on July 15, 2013

Aaron Young, CEO, Laughlin Associates

Aaron Young, CEO, Laughlin Associates

Photo: Laughlin Associates

A podcast interview with Aaron Young, CEO, Laughlin Associates, is available in the Podcast Section of Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations, During the podcast, he discusses corporations versus LLCs with Elena del Valle, host of the podcast.

For 20 years Aaron has been advising companies on which type of business form is right for them. His company, Laughlin Associates, is located in Reno, Nevada. At age 18, he formed a recycling company in Portland, Oregon, before recycling was popular. He grew that business to 5,000 customers before selling it and using the money to become one of the first cellular phone dealers in Portland. He built that business to include three stores and a large service center, still in operation today.

He sold the company and became vice president of sales for ITEX, a publicly-traded NASDAQ company with 350 offices around the world. After three years, he left the company and formed several small corporate-services businesses before buying Laughlin Associates. He writes a monthly column in Small Business Today and blogs for Small Business 411.

To listen to the interview, scroll down until you see “Podcast” on the right hand side, then select “HMPR Aaron Young” click on the play button below. You may download the MP3 file to your iPod or MP3 player to listen on the go, in your car or at home by clicking on “Get HMPR Podcast” above the podcast player. The podcast will remain listed in the July 2013 section of the podcast archive.