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Listen to podcast with John Teeuws, VP, Pulpo Media, about communicating effectively with Hispanics online

Posted by Elena del Valle on May 20, 2013

John Teeuws, VP, Pulpo Media

John Teeuws, VP, Pulpo Media

Photo: Pulpo Media

A podcast interview with John Teeuws, vice president, Pulpo Media, is available in the Podcast Section of Hispanic Marketing & Public Relations, During the podcast, he discusses communicating effectively with Hispanics online  with Elena del Valle, host of the podcast.

John manages sales to major US agencies and accounts. Prior to working at Pulpo Media he worked with the sales teams at Tribal Fusion, Spot Runner, Placecast, and Stack Media. John began his advertising sales career at The Washington Post Company where he managed the Company’s Global/International and Recruitment/Jobs Advertising divisions.

Prior to entering a career in advertising, John worked in international affairs, trade and investment primarily focused on the Asia Pacific Market for the US ASEAN Business Council, the US-Philippine Business Committee and the Chief Executives Organization.

To listen to the interview, scroll down until you see “Podcast” on the right hand side, then select “HMPR John Teeuws” click on the play button below. You may download the MP3 file to your iPod or MP3 player to listen on the go, in your car or at home by clicking on “Get HMPR Podcast” above the podcast player. The podcast will remain listed in the May 2013 section of the podcast archive.