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U.S. Hispanics open to front door marketing

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 16, 2011

Improving direct response ROI with value and cultural relevance

By Barry Gilbert
Vice president, marketing
PowerDirect Marketing

Barry Gilbert, vice president, PowerDirect Marketing

Photo: PowerDirect Marketing

According to U.S. Census data there were an estimated 46.9 million Hispanics in the U.S. in 2008, accounting for 15 percent of the nation’s total population and making people of Hispanic origin the nation’s largest ethnic or race minority. Not only is this segment increasing in number, with 2010 Census figures estimated to hit the 50 million mark, Hispanic audiences are also growing significantly in wealth and economic clout. Smart marketers are recognizing this explosive potential and turning to Hispanics for brand growth opportunities.

Sounds promising, but rest assured the Hispanic market is not a heterogeneous one that can easily be tapped. The Spanish language is a common thread, but audiences vary based on acculturation levels, language preference, country of origin, and more. Cultural relevance matters and it’s in the details such as messaging, language and creative.

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