Saturday, July 20, 2024 14 of FHTE top 100 PR blogs

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 29, 2010 listed in fourteenth place of Top 100 PR Blogs at From PR to Eternity (, Matthew Watson’s blog.

Watson explains that “The list is by no means perfect since it only features blogs on the AdAge Power 150 with PR, Public Relations, Publicity or Flack in the title, and a few others that have been suggested to me by commenter’s. Although it’s just a bit of fun I think it’s still a fairly decent indicator of the world’s top PR blogs.”

A senior account executive at Speed Communications, Watson writes about online marketing and public relations. A while back he compiled a list of what he thought were the top public relations blogs listed on the AdAge Power 150. The list is, according to his site, still one of the most popular pages on his site.