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Executive discusses Fortune 100 marketing secrets

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 8, 2010

Pull: Marketing Secrets the Fortune 100 Use book cover

Marketer Keith Chambers has supported the marketing efforts of 500 companies for well known brands such as Clorox, Del Monte, Campbell’s, Coppertone, Arm & Hammer, Sparkletts, Hormel, Scotch-Brite, Claritin, the Miss America Pageant and Equal. In Pull: Marketing Secrets the Fortune 100 Use (Polimedia Publishers, $19.95), his 2009 book, Chambers promises readers big-business marketing methodology for small and medium-sized businesses.

Chambers defines Pull as a marketing force that compels people “to take anything that occurs as extraordinary and quickly make it ordinary.” He says that maintaining a strong business identity and presence are essential to success.

In the book, he shares with readers his opinion on how to best understand consumer needs, establish effective communication, and develop a successful branding and marketing strategy. He seeks to enlighten his audience by first helping them understand marketing, which he defines as the study of free enterprise; and then explaining to them how to create out-of-the-ordinary tools to deal with free enterprise.

The book, which is peppered with color photos, is divided into thirteen chapters: The Early Years, Evolution of a Marketing Master, Why I’m Giving Away the Keys, The Marketing Objective, The Creative Side – Positioning and Repositioning, A Few Critical Insights, The Remakability Paradigm, More on Remarkability, The Communications Model, Pursuing Remarkability, Walk the Walk, Creative Preparation, and Applying This to Your Business.

In 1974, Chambers founded Los Angeles based The Chambers Group. Later in his career he established, with his two sons, Chambers Brothers Entertainment, which creates programming and films for Spike TV and MTV2.

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