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Reshaping Hispanic Marketing through Social Media

Posted by Elena del Valle on March 31, 2010

Marketing Doesn’t Get More Direct than This

By Ricardo Quayat
Executive Creative Director, Rauxa Roja

Ricardo Quayat, executive creative director, Rauxa Roja

Photos: Rauxa Roja

Hispanic culture has always centered on “conversation and community” – that sense of belonging to something bigger than oneself. Combine this with the fact that more than 23 million Hispanics are online (more than half the Hispanic population)1, and it’s easy to see why social networking, as an extension of this community-centric way of thinking, is experiencing its largest audience boon within this segment. Ethnic minorities in fact visit social networking sites more frequently than non-Hispanic Whites 2, with Hispanics leading the way. Younger than the general population, and on the move in socioeconomic terms, this emerging market has the potential to redefine mainstream products and services through a viable and rapidly growing connection to social media.

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