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Texas marketer shares how-to tips, insights

Posted by Elena del Valle on October 30, 2009

Think Like a Marketer book cover

Think Like a Marketer book cover

Lauron Sonnier, a Houston, Texas based marketing advisor, believes a company can have a strategic advantage in business by thinking, and acting on, marketing thoughts. To make her point she wrote Think Like a Marketer What It Really Takes to Stand Out From the Crowd, the Clutter and the Competition (Career Press, $15.99).

She wrote the book to demystify marketing, she says in the introduction. She hopes to help business executives and owners act with “a level head and fresh perspective” on marketing opportunities that are within easy reach. In her mind, it is essential to understand and think like marketers in order to take advantage of everyday marketing opportunities that are otherwise passing readers by without notice.

The 223-page softcover book is divided into twenty one chapters and six parts: Getting Into a Marketing Mindset; Stir the Pot; Standing Out from the Crowd, the Clutter and the Competition; Establish the Systems That Make Marketing Happen; Talk Like a Marketer; and Keep Marketing in Motion.

Sonnier is president of Sonnier Marketing and Communications, Inc. and has 20 years of marketing experience. In the past, she has worked in television, public relations, and advertising. The Louisiana native is also a public speaker and trainer.

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