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A Western hero to celebrate, Cesar Chavez

Posted by Elena del Valle on April 1, 2009

By Georgia Hedrick

Author Georgia Hedrick

Author Georgia Hedrick

Kids need heroes here in the West. Real heroes. We need those who fight for justice and fairness and an honest day’s wage. Once upon a time, long ago, the movies or the music industry or sports were where the kids from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s looked for role models. Those days are gone. We learned: those people were just icons to look at, and not heroes to imitate. They were never possible to imitate. In many cases, they should never have been imitated. Time taught us these facts.

March 31st was Cesar E Chavez’s birthday. Here is a man worthy of study, and imitation. Up from the heart of the West comes this hero. Struggling in a large family in Yuma of the Depression, always searching for work, the Chavez Family ‘followed the crops’. From Arizona through the length of California, they worked, they went to school, and they learned about injustice. Poorly paid, overworked, and feeling the discrimination of the wealthier classes, they persisted in being who they were, a family who would one day make a difference.

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