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New York publisher shares household spending summary

Posted by Elena del Valle on February 6, 2009

Who's Buying Executive Summary of Household Spending

The 130-page Who’s Buying Executive Summary of Household Spending Third Edition (New Strategist, $59.95) features concise data on buying across the country for 2005. The paperback book includes information on consumer spending patterns by age, race and ethnicity, household type, and region.

The source of the information is the Consumer Expenditure Survey of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a national survey of household spending. There are indexed spending figures illustrating what households spend on many products and services, and whether the households expenditures in a segment are higher or lower than the average for all households in that segment and by how much. The indexed spending tables, based on the average figures, were produced by the publisher’s staff.

The book lists data for 2005 as follows: Spending by Age, Spending by Income, Spending by High-Income Consumer Units, Spending by Age and Income, Spending by Household Type, Spending by Household Type and Age, Spending by Region, Spending by Region and Income, Spending by Metropolitan Area, Spending by Race and Hispanic Origin, Spending by Education, Spending by Household Size, Spending by Homeowners and Renters, Spending by Number of Earners, and Spending by Occupation.

New Strategist is a New York publishing company. Other titles published by the company include Household Spending, Who’s Buying for Travel, Who’s Buying Apparel, Who’s Buying Health Care, Who’s Buying Household Furnishings, Services and Supplies, Who’s Buying for Pets, Who’s Buying by Race and Hispanic Origin, Who’s Buying at Restaurants and Carry-Outs, Who’s Buying Transportation, Who’s Buying Groceries, Who’s Buying Entertainment, Who’s Buying by Age and Who We are Hispanic.


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