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Cable advertisers organization publishes Hispanic market how to book

Posted by Elena del Valle on January 23, 2009


In 2003, the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau (CAB) published a book about the United States Latino market to drive a heightened understanding of that growing and desirable market among potential advertisers. It was the organization’s first diversity publication. A second edition of that book would be published before, in 2007, the New York based organization published Race Relevance and Revenue, a 150-page book about the African-American marketplace. Discussions are in the works for a similar publication about Asian markets in the United States.

Late in 2008, the Bureau published Hispanic Marketers’ Guide to Cable 2008 Edition Hispanic Cable Facts and Cultural Cues ($49.95) to provide an updated resource for advertisers and their agencies. This third edition of the book was possible with a budget of $50,000 and the help of 12 contributors. It was designed to assist marketers to reach out to diverse Hispanic cable viewers, especially Spanish speakers who, according to the book, are particularly well represented by cable brands.

“We expect this to be the must-have guide for this year,” said Cynthia Perkins-Roberts, vice president of Multicultural Marketing and Business Development of the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau. “We decided to take a different approach. It’s a multidimensional market. The strength of cable is that it reaches all the (Hispanic) segments. The book includes cultural cues and viewing information divided by segments of the population. This makes the book unique and mirrors the true industry.”

The publishers promise an explanation of the role of cable television in marketing to Latinos; why they believe cable is one of the fastest growing television options; information about the options available to reach Hispanics; details about the options cable offers Latino viewers; information on the major Hispanic market segments; insights on how marketers can connect with market sub groups; suggestions on how to approach Latino consumers; information on acculturation; insights on media habits and how they vary by generation; and information about English dominant Hispanics.

The organization printed 5,000 copies of the book and has distributed 1,500 to date. The book is divided into two halves: Hispanic TV Facts and Cultural Cues. The first half, relying on A Business Rationale, Geographic Targeting and Hispanic-Targeted Programming Options discussions, makes a case for cable as an ideal advertising vehicle to reach Latino viewers. The Business Rationale is divided into Choice, Growth, A Proven Entity, Prime Consumer Targets, Brands that Build Brands, Versatility and Consistency and Extended Reach.

The Cultural Cues half includes: an overview of the Hispanic population, Hispanic Men, Hispanic Women, Hispanic Youth, Acculturation, English Dominant and Hispanic Generations. Market information was provided by Cheskin Added Value, Experian, Felipe Korzenny, Ph.D., Franco Research Group, Latin Force, Milward Brown, The Nielsen Company, Gonzalo Perez, Terry Soto, Synovate and TNS. Some of the contributors submitted content on a pro bono basis.

Founded in 1980, the Cabletelevision Advertising Bureau is a cable television advertising advocacy group dedicated to providing advertisers media insights. The organization includes a division dedicated to diversity markets that provides advertisers information on Asian, Hispanic and African-American markets in the United States.


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