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Listen to song – Monterey electro rockers release new album

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 18, 2008


All U Need is Mosh album cover

Photos, song: Nacional Records

Plastilina Mosh, a Monterrey, Mexico-based electro rocker band, just released a new Album. All U Need Is Mosh, the album released this early this month, follows the band’s 2006 Best Of’ Collection. Scroll down to listen to Pervert Pop Song from All U Need Is Mosh album.

“This was the first time we recorded an album without a major label breathing down our necks,” said Alejandro Rosso, who also produced the new album. “Which made for a much more relaxed recording environment. It was a truly independent work. We weren’t feeling the pressure of having to please some executive. The funny thing is that the end result is probably our most commercial album yet. Subconsciously, I’m sure we were thinking, ‘we have the freedom to really do what we want’.”

The first Plastilina Mosh album was Aquamosh, produced by Tom Rothrock, on Capitol Records. The single Mr. P-Mosh made Plastilina Mosh popular in Mexico. Following Latin Grammy-nominated Hola Chicuelos, the band’s last studio disc, All U Need Is Mosh took nearly two years to complete with recording sessions in California, Texas and Mexico.


Plastilina Mosh

For the new album founding members Rosso and Jonaz brought on guitarist Eddy Gonzalez, drummer and vocalist Natalia Slipak and bassist Milton Pacheco for the album as well as the band’s revamped live show. Special guests include vocalist Adrian Dargelos from Argentine rock stars Babasonicos, Monterrey-based rapper Niña Dios and Mexican buzz artist Ximena Sari ñ ana. A a Rosso-penned instrumental track, San Diego Chargers experiments with a drumline battery.

“It’s basically a testosterone song about football tackles. The arrangement is focused on the percussion. The song is a weird blend between two styles that I find original and fresh. To be honest, I don’t listen to much rock music,” said Rosso. “I’m always listening to jazz and classical. I sit down and consciously listen. When I get into a certain composer, I buy the sheet music and study it. On the flipside, Jonaz is always looking for the best new rock, punk or electronica album to inspire him. And he’s always trying to make compositions that are ‘hip’ to me. That’s the big twist. We really complement each other.”

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Jonaz is a punk rocker and Rosso is a classically trained concert pianist. They believe their contrasting styles are an essential element for the band’s creative process.

“It’s my escape from that intense listening and playing. It’s always had some humor and irony. We don’t take it too seriously. When the band started, we never really cared what happened and just focused on having fun. That’s when everything started to happen. That’s always been so important to us. Over the years, we have really learned to keep from rushing things and how to avoid time pressure from affecting the creative process,” said Rosso. “So for this new album, we wrote most of the songs more casually, while we were touring. Everything just felt more natural that way.” ‘

All U Need Is Mosh tracks include: Toll Free, Jonaz Goes To Hollywood, My Party, Let U Know, Cut The Crap, Arriba Dicembre, Danny Trejo (feat. Niña Dios), Going To Mars Bolton, Comeback Bitch, San Diego Chargers, Paso Fino (featuring Adrian Dargelos from Babasonicos), and Pervert Pop Song (feat. Ximena Sariñana and Patricia Lynn). Click on the play button to listen to Pervert Pop Song.


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