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Listen to song – Mexican singer releases new album

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 4, 2008


Haciendo Escándalo album cover

Photos, song: Gato Loco Music

Haciendo Escandalo! (Causing Scandal!) is Singer Diegodiego’s newest release and his second album. Scroll down to listen to Mi Castillo Azul (My Blue Castle), a single from the new album.

In Haciendo Escandalo! the singer and actor from Merida, Mexico focuses on positive messages and dance rhythms “to inspire peace and harmony.” Diegodiego composes and performs his music. His first CD was Quema Quema (Burn Burn), a dance music album. Haciendo Escandalo is dedicated to Raul Vale, his close friend and collaborator.



“Raul Vale taught me a lot of things, but the most valuable advice he gave me was when he said: ‘Diego, you are nothing more or less than a scandal! Fight for what you want; you have my blessing,’” said Diegodiego. “The best thing that can happen to an artist is the pleasure of entertaining while at the same time enabling others to achieve their own aspirations.”

Diegodiego began his acting career with the television soap opera La Culpa directed by Pynkie Morris. He later competed, along with 5,000 applicants, for a much coveted role in a Disney Company production. In the end, he was one of three Latinos and one of only 60 candidates selected to perform at Disneyland in California. Click on the play button to listen to Mi Castillo Azul (My Blue Castle), a single from the new album.

“Beyond the 30 Second Spot” audio recording

Listen to a 105-minute discussion

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Panelists Ivan Cevallos, Hunter Heller, Kitty Kolding and Cynthia Nelson

Our panel of national experts discuss

• Challenges of measuring the impact of the 30-second ad spot
• Innovative tools are useful to reach Latinos
• Changes in marketing to Hispanics
• On which market segment are the changes most relevant
• Effects of technology and time shift on consumer behavior
• Role of multi-screens
• Getting started
• Tips for marketing professionals

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