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California life coach shares advice on quinceanera celebrations in book

Posted by Elena del Valle on August 1, 2008


Quinceañera Connection cover

Photo: Priscilla Mills

California resident Gail Priscilla Mills has had a varied career including building a multi-million dollar business as well as being a life coach, business consultant and author. Seven years ago, while she provided life coaching and consulting to injured workers she heard the heartfelt stories of hardship of many of her clients, 70 percent of which were Latino.

Her client’s positive feedback about facing life challenges and their injuries, and often their desire to share what they had learned with their daughters, inspired her to write her first book, Quinceañera Connection: Your Dream Celebration On A Budget (American Treasures Library, $12.95). She also established a companion website to promote her book, offer positive content and offer products.


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The 187-page soft cover book provides information for Latino families who want to celebrate their daughter’s coming of age on her 15 birthday. Quinceañera means fifteen year old girl in Spanish.

Quinceañera Connection is divided into four sections and 41 chapters including one section for the celebrant and another for the parents. The first section, Introduction, has two chapters. Section Two, Creating a Celebration has chapters 3 to 24. Section Three, Girl Talk for the Quinceañera, has chapters 25 to 33; and the final section is Parent Talk.

Mills is a graduate of the Harvard Business School-OPM program where she focused on entrepreneurial operations. She attended New York City College and University of California, Los Angeles. Mills was also the founder and chief executive officer of a multi-state inventory management company for over 15 years.


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