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Database management company releases Spanish language fundraising software

Posted by Elena del Valle on July 17, 2008


John Moore, CTO and vice president of development, eTapestry

Photos: eTapestry

In 2006, eTapestry, an Indianapolis-based company, began creating a multilingual version of its on-demand fund raising software at the request of Spanish-speaking clients in San Diego, Miami, and Houston. After receiving positive feedback from early adopters, the developers made changes necessary to expand the eTapestry software into broader domestic and international markets allowing eTapestry to release a Spanish language version of the fund raising software in early July 2008.

“With eTapestry users accessing their data from points all over the globe, it was plain to see that eTapestry’s on demand software was opening up new opportunities for organizations everywhere,” said Jay Love, chief executive officer, eTapestry.

The Spanish language software was initially developed to help organizations who have some users who want to use the database in English, and other users who prefer Spanish. Company representatives believe the new Spanish language version is also ideally suited for organizations in Mexico, Latin America, and other Spanish speaking locales.

The target audience for the software is nonprofit organizations. According to a company representative, customers range from very small organizations with just a few hundred records to large organizations with hundred of thousands of records.

This is the first time company representatives have targeted the United States Latino market. The company promoted the new software by distributing a press release recently; and showcasing it during seminars, shows, and presentations.

“The need for automation and data segmentation is universal, but from the very beginning, eTapestry was architected with an eye toward offering the product on an international scale,” said John Moore, chief technology officer and vice president of development, eTapestry.

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“This framework allows eTapestry to concentrate on how nonprofit organizations run their business rather than the traditional maintenance overhead of maintaining multiple versions of the software. Being a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering, we are positioned to rapidly evolve the product in a new market. We don’t have the limitation of client-installed software so our release cycle can be very aggressive. The customers will realize the benefits much quicker because their suggestions are incorporated into the product within a few weeks rather than months.”

ETapestry users pay a monthly rate based on the size of the database and number of concurrent users. It starts at $36 per month for one user and up to 1,000 records. The cost for 1,000 to 5,000 records is $112 per month and the pricing increases accordingly depending on the number of records. Additional services are offered a la carte, allowing each organization to add extra services at their discretion.

The Spanish language software launch complimented the international development plans of Blackbaud, eTapestry’s parent company. Now the two companies are working together to introduce eTapestry Espanol to Latin America.


Andrew Mosawi, vice president, Blackbaud

“The nonprofit community in Latin America is rapidly growing and needs software to better manage donor relations and overall accountability,” said Andrew Mosawi, vice president of international business development, Blackbaud. “It is a market that has been under served by the nonprofit software industry thus far, and we are pleased to provide an on-demand solution that is tailored to the unique needs of these growing organizations.”

Founded in 1999, eTapestry is a web-based donor database and communications management system that delivers software over the Internet, allowing access from desktops, laptops and mobile devices. The company offers its 3,000 customers website development, e-commerce and advanced email tools.

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